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by Phillips Clinic on 05/01/23

At Phillips Clinic, we take an integrated approach to healthcare

We take the time to get to know you as an individual so that we may present you with a comprehensive plan to encourage life-long optimal health. This cooperative approach makes it possible for us to partner with you-- our patients-- to help you plan and encourage optimal, life-long health.

Our success in patient care and teamwork at the office is reflected in the fact we have retained staff and patients for over twenty-five years.

At Phillips Clinic Family Practice, where we believe that together we create the tools to live healthier happier lives!

We believe health care for adults and children should be practiced in an environment where it feels comfortable to talk about all aspects of your life. It is our goal to identify disease and risk factors and to treat them at the earliest stages possible.

We provide personalized health care for the entire family; children, adults and seniors! Our clinic is well prepared and well equipped to provide for the current and ongoing health care needs of the entire family.

We combine the best of holistic and conventional medicine techniques to treat the whole patient. We offer a multi-dimensional approach to wellness.  
We commit to a proactive approach to wellness; identifying risk factor to our patients health and addressing them at the earliest possible stages.

ur physical exams consist of 3 appointments.
The first appointment is for the patients actual history and exam.  Female patients may have their pelvic and pap smear done while they are here, if they choose to.
During that appointment our providers evaluate the patient and their family and personal history and determine what testing, if any, they feel is appropriate.  They then order those studies and they are scheduled for an appointment with the nurse, imaging center, ultrasound tech, etc.  There are many reasons that we do not do the testing on the same day.  First, the patient needs to be fasting for most CHP labs.  Also, many tests require prior authorization which generally takes at least a few days. 
When the patients completes the recommended studies, they are scheduled to follow up with their provider.  During the final visit of the CHP process, the provider will go over all studies, make lifestyle recommendations, adjust medications or add medications if necessary, etc.
I have also attached the form we give patients after their first appointment explaining what tests may be done.
Let me know what you're thinking.
Bone Density Scans:
At Phillips Clinic we offer bone density scans on-site. Our highly trained health professionals use bone density testing to assess the strength of bones and the probability of fracture in patients at risk of osteoporosis.  

Cardiac echo (or simply an echo), is a sonogram of the heart is also offered at Phillips Clinic. Echocardiography, which uses ultrasound to create images of the heart, allows providers to assess heat-health. 

Peripheral Vascular Testing 
Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) affects the areas that are “peripheral” (outside) your heart. Testis for PVD include ultrasound and treadmill.

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